Ralph DiBugnara is a nationally recognized real estate expert. He is President of Home Qualified, a digital resource for buyers and sellers, and Vice President at Cardinal Financial, a nationally recognized mortgage loan company. “Ralph is redefining the role of the banker in today’s buyer-centric real estate market.” Ralph is a real estate guru and a trusted advisor that knows how to find solutions to leverage the industry.

Early Life In Brooklyn

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Ralph’s family struggled financially, forcing his father to work multiple jobs with long hours to feed the family. This is what young Ralph had imagined life to be, unbeknownst feeding the motivation behind why he is the expert in the real estate field today. He wanted to break the generational struggle in his family. In 2018, Ralph launched a website called Home Qualified. The website reports the latest news about real estate predictions that will affect the market. Ralph is also the Vice President of Cardinal Financial which is recognized as one of the top 15 lenders in the country. With over 20 years of experience in multiple industries, Ralph is always prepared to weather the storm. His agency survived through the 2008 financial crisis while most other agencies closed their doors. This made one thing clear, Ralph knows how to effectively operate through stormy waters and in the real estate industry and this is a must know how.

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Through the Pandemic

In the midst of COVID, Ralph has been giving out advice on how to thrive on investments and manage properties during these trying times. He also has his own series called The Real Estate Disruptors where he interviews guests on investing and property guidance and advice. Dibugnara wants to create a better environment for market experts who need to approach the market differently. Ralph talks about different creative financing techniques on his podcast series through wholesaling, flipping, and acquiring rental properties. He also discusses where to find private money lenders and the journey through the ups and downs of a real estate entrepreneur.

Launching The Real Estate Disruptor Platform

Ralph Dibugnara’s new program focuses on creating an elite network of industry leaders to both help seasoned brokers succeed in this new social media driven economy and help teach young up and coming brokers close bigger deals and to live up to the high standards when it comes to eight and nine figure investment deals.

If you are a real estate agent, loan officer, or entrepreneur looking to grow your brand online and figure out how to monetize your social presence then you need to join us at The Real Estate Disruptor. You will have the opportunity to learn online from Ralph as well as world-class influencers that Ralph has hand selected including Sickamore, Paul Getter, Tony Delgado, Vicky Llerena, Eulogio Medina, Jen Morilla, Glenn Asher, Ravi Abuvala, Lynn Hazan, Vova Tess, Ed Stulak and many more as they reveal insider secrets on how to build a profit-driven brand guaranteed to maximize your leads, multiply your wealth, and generate media coverage.

Ralph is maneuvering his way through the next generation of real estate investors and changing the face of the industry when it comes to the millennial generation. He is dedicated to his expertise and is able to do just about anything when it comes to real estate.