Ralph DiBugnara

President of Home Qualified

April 10th, 2020


    In just a few weeks, many people’s lives have changed due to this pandemic. There are many professionals in the Real Estate community, who believe social distancing has put a halt on their business. That is not necessarily true, yes things have become a little more challenging, but business can still be conducted. The following steps below represent some ways realtors can maintain active during this crisis.  


What is your value proposition in this time of need?

This is a time to encourage people not scare them. Figure out what are your personal real estate strengths? For instance, have you lived, owned, or worked through a real estate recession already and what were the positives of your experience? Brand by sharing how your recovery created income or growth in certain ways. This doesn’t have to be personal experience it can be family, your agencies or what you witnessed in a neighborhood you are known for currently. Do you research and tell the stories of success & growth?

Be Consistent & Effective with Your Posting 

More People are Watching than ever Before. How can you educate during this time of a still market?  When everyone is home and watching. You should be posting consistently still so have a strategy and I’m not talking about Tik Toks. If you are a good source of ever-changing trends right now, your audience will look to you when the narrative starts to change. Read, read and read more. Set up your news apps to feed you information about what is happening in the market and then report that back in your own words. Do not cause panic but focus on the positive possibilities you are seeing or investment opportunities that are coming.

Research, Recreate & Freshen up your Pages

Want to post more during these times? Identify what your best platform is as far as where your audience engages most. Once you do that your other platforms should all match. Same Profile picture and same message. If you have a message that is working than use it. Don’t confuse people. When they see you, they should always see the same message, so it becomes consistent in their minds and they look to you for what you are specializing in. Create a strategy to post at least three times a week now and once you are back to being busy again, now is the time to create strategies.

               As mentioned previously, speak about your Real Estate strengths, stay consistent with similar and reliable content, and lastly stay active on social platforms. Help alleviate the fear people are going through, by posting positive and accurate material.